Given the state of the world today, where we’re constantly bombarded by negative, depressing and downbeat things, We see it within everyone’s ability to focus on the brighter side of life, and on that note, here are some of our favorite superwonderful things.

superwonderful is: When the 1st AD yells, “It’s a wrap!” because throughout the whole shoot there was this junior creative telling you how the actor should act, how the shot should be framed, and how the lighting should look like. Getting the spelling of the word ‘silhouette’ correct every time. The thrill of walking into a high-end designer shop and browsing through the array of goods on display, and picking up stuff for yourself… but not the paying part, and not the part after you’ve paid, and also not the part where you get the credit card bill. Playstation 3 (and 4… and 5… and…). Ponies.

When six people get into a packed lift, and the door closes as a fat guy runs towards it. Fresh anchovies in Cinque Terre. Lemon grass fish in Pattaya. Barbequed back ribs in Ubud. Fish head curry in Samy’s. Tomato soup at prêt-a-manger. Stanley Kubrick. No country for old men. When you get RM100 from the ATM after having punched in for RM50 because some bank guy loaded the wrong note into the wrong slot. Villa Kinzica hotel next to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Nasi lemak. Shepherd’s pie. MSG. Live crab rasam (S). Godfather 1 & 2 (bugger 3). L.O.T.R 1, 2, 3, especially 3. Shakira. When you’re in a room with a very talkative person and then someone let’s out a loud fart. Elvis. James Brown. Michael Jackson. Queen/Freddie Mercury. lady gaga. Heath Ledger as The Joker. Madonna. Barrack Obama. The fall of the Berlin Wall. When you don’t have to do a treatment in 1 day. When you don’t have to do a treatment. The Numanuma guy. Pulp Fiction. Green Day. U2. Rolling Stones. Ricky Gervais. Russell Peters. Pink Floyd. A really cool and arrogant guy chatting up a bird, and there is a booger hanging out of his nose. The Beatles. The phrase ‘It’s mind blasting!’ 90% of Woody Allen’s work. The film “GRAVITY”. Venice. The Pirelli Calendar. Scene of Ursula Andres coming out of the water. Scene of Halle Berry coming out of the water. Scene of Daniel Craig coming out of the water. First Class. Being upgraded to First Class. Peeling off a scab/someone digging deep into your ears and hitting all the right spots. Porsche 911. When you let out a burp after a good meal. A Bellini in Harry’s Bar, Venice. Hayao Miyazaki. When the creative director and the client says to you, “I leave it in your good hands.Zinedine Zidane. Philippe Stark. Gaudi. Frank Lloyd Wright. Banksy. When you find out that the agency producer whose constant refrain is “So how?” gets transferred to accounting. Thank god for the invention of e-cig vaporizers. Anything Mac. Prada Store in Milan. Phnom Penh. Mario Testino. Kathmandu. When you have the ACTUAL budget you need to do a job. The Harry Potter series. Renoir. When the obnoxious, arrogant, superficial and pompous creative director doesn’t win an award. Gauguin. Modigliani. Van Gogh. Alexander the Great. Mahatma Gandhi. Nelson Mandela. Waking up early to go to work then realizing it’s a Sunday. Levis. Your worn in pair of jeans. Calvin Klein underwear. Karl Lagerfeld. Roberta Cavalli underwear (not!) <racist!. When you’re caught in a queue due to a police block and just as your turn is up, they wrap up.